Helpful people live longer than egoists

It turns out that those who thinks more about others than about yourself, it is easier to cope with stress, which reduces the risk of disease and death. People who help friends and family in this difficult time for them, live longer than those who prefer to care only about themselves. To such conclusion the sociologist Michael, Pauline from the American University of Buffalo.

In conducted within five years of the study involved 846 volunteers. They told about how helped apatagonia year relatives, friends or neighbors in stressful situations. Belonged to a serious illness, robbery, dismissal from work, money problems or death of loved ones. Help could not only be financial: study participants cared for the sick, shopped, looked after the children, doing housework or just carried friends in their cars, at their request.

It turned out that the helpful people easier to cope with stress caused by bad news, which reduced the morbidity and risk of death. Those who helped others, likely to die within the year was less than the selfish, notes, Pauline. According to the scientist, responsiveness became a kind of buffer between the human stress and its health effects. The researcher cannot claim that the experienced stress and aid people just have a lower risk of premature death as and "givers".

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