HydroICE engine that works in the sun, oil and water

Before the widespread implementation of solar and wind installations, mobile electric generators have rotated mainly internal combustion engines, petrol or diesel. The technology proved to be reliable, though "dirty" from an environmental point of view, the energy source, is widely used to this day. Is it possible to make it clearer, combining with the advantages of solar energy? Its decision to offer inventors from Missouri, Matt bell (Matt Bellue) and Ben Cooper (Ben Cooper). They are working on the HydroICE project.

HydroICE stands for Hydro Internal Clean Engine, something like water internal clean engine. His idea is quite original. HydroICE required for the operation of water, oil and sun. Happens all of the following.

In the cylinders of the engine is not gasoline or other hydrocarbon fuels, and warmed by the sun oil. Under the action of sunlight oil temperature in the heating system collector reaches 200-370 degree Celsius.

Together with hot oil in the cylinders flows a small amount of water. What is the result? About the same thing and under the influence of the spark on gasoline-air mixture in the cylinders of a conventional gasoline engine. The mixture explodes, instantly expanding.

However, if the conventional engine, the pressure formed by a chemical reaction of hydrocarbons with oxygen, the HydroICE nothing burns, under the influence of temperature oil the water turns to steam and pushes the piston.

Doing the work, vapor-oil mixture is removed from the cylinder and is separated in the separator of oil and water for reuse.Thus, the "fuel" does not disappear, repeatedly doing the same work.

Payload HydroICE can serve as an electric generator, or any other device, such as a pump for pumping fluid. The idea is so simple that cast doubt on its viability. However, the inventors have already built a small prototype and assured its future.

Technology bell and Cooper have adapted the standard two-stroke gasoline engine, and they all turned out. According to the inventors, the efficiency of the test system reaches 15%, which is comparable with the efficiency of current commercial PV systems. However, HydroICE has one important advantage – price. The inventors claim that it will not exceed a quarter of the value equivalent to the performance of the photovoltaic panel.

Improving technology, Bella and Cooper are collaborating with scientists from the University of Missouri, in terms of creating effective peripheral devices, in particular solar collector. On the website Indiegogo, they announced the collection of funds needed to continue the work.


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