Mobile phone with muscle

Who said that the mobile phone must have a boring appearance and always to lie still? Designer Hongkong Cho (Youngkwang Cho) from the United States decided to offer his vision of what should a modern smartphone.

Its concept of original mobile phone, tentatively named Curious ("curious and unusual"), are equipped with a multi-sensory alert system that warns its owner about incoming calls not only the traditional sound signal and vibration, but also changes its shape.

When it's a strange device just lying around, it's flat, like all standard mobile phones. But it is necessary to call someone you like all of its sections will begin to bend, providing additional visual indication of a call. In addition, this curved form is much easier and more ergonomic for holding the phone to your ear. If you need to disable it, just lightly hit them on the surface.

Of course, it would be fun to have to use the phone, like some sort of living creature, however, is not entirely clear what the aim of your project. No practical use, this invention shall not be. The only feature that this phone can perform, and entertainment. Must be very funny to see how will be surprised by his abilities ignorant people. If you need a more ergonomic shape of the phone, you can always buy yourself a flip phone, and in silent mode by simply placing the phone in front of you display up, so as not to miss a call. Otherwise, this concept has no special meaning, although lovers of the unusual will certainly be interested in its acquisition, unless, of course, this concept will ever be implemented.

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