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In most cases, the word Amazon, people imagine the jungle, the savage tribes of cannibals and other dangers from piranhas to leopards. But the hotel is on the water, the invention Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, to help you to get rid of stereotypes and see the Amazon on the other, beautiful side.

The idea of housing on water is not new, for example the houseboats have been successfully used in the Indian state of Kerala, and probably Puig was inspired by this idea when creating his creation. However the difference Amazon hotel and houseboats in India is huge, both in technical execution and in the interior and comfort.

Creation Puig is based on the long boat 174 pounds and is able to take on Board 32 people, including crew members. Hotel on the water designed specifically for travel on the Amazon and will take you there where will not pass the large cruise ships. However, the Amazon hotel on the water has all the attributes of a luxury cruise ship offers comfortable cabins, a gym, Jacuzzi, bar and so on. You can enjoy a tour and spectacular views of the Amazon from the comfort of the cabins, living in comfort and feeling secure.


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