How to remove bad breath?

Breeding microbes that produce malodorous compounds, are the main culprits of a bad smell, which, unfortunately, nothing can be done. The best is when waking up immediately to brush my teeth. Toothpaste and mouthwash containing ingredients like xylitol, triclosan and essential oils, create an unfavorable environment for bacteria. But the effects of these ingredients are short-lived. After some time, all of these substances are washed off and the bacteria begin to multiply.

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Why is the situation getting worse at night? The thing is that at night significantly reduces the production of saliva and the liquid that washes away these bacteria, present in very small amounts. As a result, for many hours of "odorous" concentration increases and creates an unpleasant smell.

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It is not about a few bad smacks of connections, and the many types that colonizes different areas of the mouth. Scientists estimate that in our mouth more bacteria than people on Earth. Decomposition of microbes leads to unpleasant smell from a mouth.

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Some amino acids, which feed on bacteria, contain sulfur, which contributes to bad smell. In addition, components of foul breath are: cadaverine (smell of corpses), hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell), izovalerianova acid (sweaty feet smell ), methyl mercaptan (smell of feces), putrescine (smell of decaying meat) and trimethylamine (smell of decaying fish). We can say that we've mouth going to the worst scents that you can imagine.

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In other words the entire night we have in the mouth creates a huge bunch of disgusting flavors, which explains why a little morning kisses lose their romantic patina.

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