African ostrich

African ostrich is the largest living bird, the growth of which достигает2,7 meters, and вес160 kg. Ostriches are herbivores and eat grass in the pastures, and shrubs. Ostriches are excellent runners, in case of danger they can run at speeds up to 70 km/h. In combat they are quite brave and as dangerous rivals. Two-toed paws ostrich — reliable weapon. One centimeter of the human body with the kick of an ostrich has the strength of 50 kg African ostriches live on average 60-70 years. Females productive for 25-30 years, males up to 40 years. In nature ostriches live in groups of one male with several females.

Ostriches — flightless birds. Ostriches for the relatively small size of the sternum and the complete absence of keel. The front legs are poorly developed and for flight the. Poorly developed chest muscles. The hind limb of the ostrich, long and strong. Toes only two .

Ostrich leather is one of the most soft and strong at the same time in the world. In the skin contains many natural oils, so it does not dry, does not crack, not woody. Ostrich meat — a dietary product Fat and cholesterol, it contains almost two times less than in beef, chicken and pork. Red ostrich meat is the most lean according to nutritionists and has a high protein content, a rich set of microelements, such as manganese, phosphorus and potassium.

The ostrich egg weighs from 1.5 to 2 kg(about 25-36 chicken eggs), while the protein in the egg about 1 kg, and желтка350 g. Ostrich egg is the biggest egg in the world, and in diameter, its size reaches 15-20 cm Ostrich is omnivorous. They eat what is available in their habitat at different times of the year. Ostriches mostly eat plants, especially roots, leaves and seeds, but also small insects such as locusts, and small lizards.

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