Glass IPad

Sometimes it is amazing how in such a short period the company logo in the form of a bitten Apple just conquered the world! And once you've done that, it continues to stay at the same level. If the functionality we can find little that is new in design, coverage and the rest of the Apple each time surpasses itself!
Probably the secret of such mass of the novelties from the company is that they work excellent and creative designers. Recently, a designer with a great name Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso presented to the world his vision of the IPad. And his IPad was glass.

So, while Chinese inventors looking for money for the implementation of such project company Apple has already released it to the people. The new IPad differs from the others not only because it is made completely of a different material, and its size. It is somewhat more than the previous IPad.

Great idea, and the thing looks great. However there are several issues. For example, I wonder how much this IPad durable, after all we humans love to drop that hold in the hands, and the glass, as far as we know, is more fragile than the metal. Even the durable glazing used in plastic Windows, sometimes fighting. Well, the second thing that comes to mind is whether there is any actuality in this? Yes, the so-called "show-off" is good, but for safety even metal IPad all use case, what to say about glass. Moreover, such surface is very quickly covered with small scratches, and just will not have.

That is a very creative project has already been said, but, nevertheless, as it is advisable to buy this IPad, because the glass itself has many disadvantages, for the best conservation device is better placed in the case, but in this case, the meaning of originality there. And to say that this new product has some new and useful functions is impossible.

In General, the new IPad from Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso is a very original and beautiful in appearance, but it is not practical to use.


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