The sand drawings by British artist Tony

To create their amazing paintings by British artist Tone as a canvas uses the beaches and the cyst he replaces the ordinary rake. Effect from his work, despite its apparent simplicity, exceeds all expectations. To fully appreciate sand drawings by Tony only from the height of bird flight. I only wish that they live, these are the greenest in the world pictures just a few hours until they are washed away tide.

Tony, a British artist, photographer and surfer creates his amazing paintings ekologichnye for over 20 years. According to him, these giant sand drawings he creates with one goal – to please the people who see them. And because these pictures are better to look at from the height, for many surfers they are an additional incentive to ride the wave a little more and look at the beach.

The artist works at low tide. At this time, the wet sand is ideal for creating drawings. The main and only tool of the artist – rake. With their help, it shows the curls and swirls that look perfectly, if you look on top of them.

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