Decorative how to grow tomatoes at home?

Special seeds indoor tomatoes is rarely seen in the store. In the 80-ies of such varieties have appeared abroad. Some time passed and they became gardeners and enthusiasts of Russia.

Growing houseplants is a hobby of many. Most as their Pets see only the beautiful flowers or the green plants. But the increasing popularity of the cultivation in the indoor environment of all kinds of edible plants. For example, it turns out, is not so difficult to grow potted tomatoes.

Tomatoes love heat, and light. These two components can easily provide them at home. Home heat and additional lighting if daylight is short, and you decided to surprise home room fresh tomatoes, can be provided using fluorescent lights.

First the seeds are planted either dry or already germinated in transparent plastic cups, which is convenient to control the watering. Watering tomatoes should be germinated only when the topsoil is dry, not allowing water stagnation. After all, it is an excess will lead to the development of various diseases and death of the plant. After about four weeks the grown plants are transplanted into pots.

Adult plants that live at home, as well as their street counterparts, neobhodimosti twice a week, every 10 days to feed fertilizer for tomatoes, regularoblique and tie. In addition, although the tomatoes and do not require special pollination, flowering plants every two to three days to shake.

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