Why people talks in her sleep ?

Psychologists say that people said in the dream, only what was said recently. So, if you try to cheat that in the movie saw and then came up — do not believe that this was said before his own tongue and lips. If you sleep with a man who has something to hide, and you have a habit of talking in your sleep, you must take action: before sleep, try to relieve stress. Go in the shower, preferably with oils, don't look at night television. The best medicine will take a walk in the fresh air or go out on the balcony for 10 minutes. Sex before bed will completely eliminate talking during sleep.

Usually the conversations in dreams are the result of only that of stressful experiences, so if you keep long a secret – don't worry, he will remain with you. This habit is amplified in a stuffy room. Ventilate the area, and the likelihood of night chatter will be reduced twice.

Night terrors, disturbance of the sleep phase – the main reasons of somniloquy. Some people at segoviana extremely difficult to Wake up, they toss and turn and kick. Psychologists believe that aggressive behavior in the dream fully reflects the character of a person in real life. People who are prone to do, can be quite cruel. Forced to restrain his own aggression in the daytime, they unconsciously relax completely at night.

To solve your doctor should make a special diary. Within a few weeks it will make information about the received patient drugs, drinks consumed before sleep, every night exercise. This blog will help to determine the cause of the disease. Then, after analyzing the recording, and after a polysomnography, the technician will advise you how to achieve a relaxed and healthy sleep. Take care of your health!

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