Energy saving bulbs can cause cancer

American researchers at the University of stony brook (new York), who conducted several studies of the radiation energy-saving lamps on the human body, came to the conclusion that these lamps are harmful to human health.

The researchers compared what the effect on cells of human skin radiation has 2 types of lamps – energy saving and standard. This did experience, during which living cells exposed to radiation. It is worth noting that real people in the experiment did not participate. As it turned out, the radiation energy-saving lamps exceeds the parameter of ultraviolet radiation, which is dangerous for the skin cells which was quite badly damaged. At the same time the irradiation lamp standard has no impact on living cells.


Prolonged action of this radiation can even cause cancer, according to a dermatologist at the University of stony brook Marcia Simon. For publication of this research have already responded and manufacturers of energy saving lamps, consider not dangerous the emitted ultraviolet radiation. This level, as stated by the manufacturers, is in the normal range.

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