Crash tests need to rebuild a women!

The fact that women are more fragile than men, we've already learned. But in crash tests using dummies, made of material the strength of which is close to the strong floor. Jokes jokes, but the failure of this "bad practice" can lead to a considerable reduction of serious injuries in car accidents.


A whiplash injury occurs when a sharp jerk forward of the head with the same sharp, and then stop, often the result of a rear impact, especially if there is no head restraint or it is incorrectly adjusted in height. Given the divergence of male and female organisms for this and other types of injuries, Anna Karlsson, Technical University of Chalmers (Sweden) made a model of the first dummy crash tests. Although research dummy gave different results on all types of possible collisions, but especially in whiplash injury is the difference in the stability of mannequins were the most significant.

To clarify the difference in the acceleration of the bodies of women and men, Anna studied the movements of the female body with experimental collisions at very low speeds. Very quickly she found that moving parts of this body move in space at a speed much higher because their muscles are worse than compensates for movement, which is caused by action from the outside.

Compared to the standard male BioRID dummy, which was developed by the end of the 1990s, it became known that the impact exerted on a dummy female, 30% more powerful than the "model" of a strong half of mankind.


Anna Karlsson came to the conclusion that the automotive companies that have significantly reduced the risk of whiplash injuries for men, must reevaluate the measures of passive safety (including the installation of head restraints) if they really intend to protect women from such damage. The researcher assumes that it is possible to develop a seat that would move forward if the blow was received back, and then stayed in the fully extended position to the distance of the return stroke of the passenger head was minimal, and the risk of neck injuries is reduced to zero.

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