House-bin for $ 750 thousand (17 photos)

In the state of New York sold the house-hopper for $ 750 thousand.
On the form of the usual household, but may even protect the wearer from the atomic explosion.
It is located in the Adirondack Mountains, in upstate New York and looks no different from other country cottages.

Owner Bruce asylum Francisco noted that people do not understand what is in a fortified bunker until descend into the ground with a ladder length of about 37 m. Underground facilities houses were built in the late 50s. They were used as silos for ballistic missiles Atlas. Construction could protect missiles and staff from direct nuclear attack. US authorities have spent on the construction of the bunker $ 18 million., Which is equivalent to the sum of $ 400 million. At today's prices.

The area of ​​land part of the house is about 167 square meters. m. It has a fireplace, large master bedroom, living room and two bathrooms. The owner may also benefit from a large garage as a hangar for aircraft. Former two-level command post converted into living quarters area of ​​about 213 square meters. m, which houses the kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms equipped with a jacuzzi, a spacious living room.


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