Zac Freeman: new value of "trash art"

Artist from America Zac Freeman creates stunning portraits of people with astonishing accuracy. But the interesting thing is that the main material of his works is the ordinary "trash" (garbage). Zach collects portraits like a mosaic of everyday household waste, such as fragments of combs and buttons torn off.


Despite the fact that the artist's works are created from dubious source materials, they feature high detail and even some psychology.


Unlike other representatives of modern art, the American in the last turn appeals to the pollution of the environment and ecology. The main character of his work becomes problematic to society as a whole, but quite a certain person.


This kind of portraits takes a lot of time, as the work is very laborious. You have to glue every scrap or piece of household rubbish to the wooden canvas separately.


The use of waste as material for creating art objects is a fairly common idea. From bottle caps creates her tapestries, the artist from Nigeria, El Anatsui, and the work of plastic waste Pascal Martin Theia reach 10 meters in height. The main difference between Zach Freeman from his colleagues on the "trash art" is that it tries to stick to traditional painting canons. Therefore, the original objects are a means and not an end in itself. All the junk, from which are born of a human face, as he said Freeman, "is the bearer of a unique energy, and the resulting work can be considered a kind of "time capsules, reflecting the global culture."


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