Hair dye may cause cancer

Almost all women at least once in my life used a hair dye, not thinking of the risks. It turned out, each subsequent hair coloring can bring incredible harm to women health.

The hair dye has chemicals that provoke the development of cancer. The most dangerous hair dye home use, but also those facilities that offer in professional salons is also harmful.

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Blame the so-called secondary amines that penetrates the scalp and remaining there for a long time. These amines can react with tobacco smoke or exhaust gas, and thus appear highly toxic carcinogenic compound N-nitrosamine. Such compounds and provoke the development of cancer, and their main goal is the liver.

"In the interests of consumer safety we need to do a thorough and independent study to set the level of toxicity of these compounds and possible risks", — reports the result of his research the author, scientist David Lewis.

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Previously, experts have linked hair dye with some types of cancer, including a tumor of the breast, bladder, ovarian, brain and leukemia.

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