What a perfect height and weight of women? Man's opinion

Perfect woman — what should it be? Israeli scientists decided to find out the answer to this question. It was found men do not love skinny models, but women in the body.

Scientists of the National Institute of health Haifa found that the ideal woman should be weighing 77 kg and height of 170 centimeters. These parameters are easy to achieve with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.


Experts also claim that women with a standard length of the legs look a lot sexier than their long-legged rival.

It should be noted that today many countries are trying all possible means to get rid of the fashion for excessive thinness. So, the Israeli authorities in 2012 imposed a ban on photography in advertising models, the body mass index which was lower than 18,5. According to the norms of the UN, BMI below 18,5 is evidence of malnutrition.

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