Top 10 female feet long (10 photos)

What part of the female body men immediately pay attention? First of all, of course, to his feet. This ranking presents the most famous long-legged women in the world. The longest leg is greater than 1, 3 meters in length, it is more than my growth in the third grade.

10th place. Daryl Hannah. Height 178 cm, length 106 cm feet
Daryl Hannah - American actress, which many authoritative publications recognized as one of the most beautiful actresses, winner of the "best body in the history of cinema." Her most memorable role - killer from the movie "Kill BillĀ».

9th place. Uma Thurman. Height 180 cm. Length 108 cm feet
Uma was named after the Hindu goddess. Her name means "giver of bliss." His size 41 feet actress won the legendary Quentin Tarantino, who made it their mascot.

8th place. Eva Herzigova. Height 180 cm. Length 112 cm feet
Czech top model and actress. Model Eva came by accident: in 16 years went to Prague for the holidays, there on the advice of friends went to the audition, where she and noticed.

7th place. Maria Sharapova. Height 188 cm, length 121 cm feet
Maria - former first racket of the world, the only Russian, which is 5 times played in the finals of the Grand Slam tournaments, and three times out of them a winner. She is the face of Sony Ericsson, as well as companies Cannon, Palmolive and Colgate. In 2006, Maria Sharapova has been recognized as the most beautiful sportswoman of the world.

6th place. Adriana Karembeu. Height 178 cm, length 121 feet, 5 cm
Slovak supermodel, who worked with the most famous fashion designers including Vivienne Westwood. At the beginning of the two thousandth was recognized as the leggy model.

5th place. Nadja Auermann. Height 180 cm, length 122 cm feet
German model and actress. At the end of the 90s. was included in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest legs.

4th place. Nina Pylskaya. Height 193 cm, length of the legs 123, 5 cm
First Kazakh, then the Russian model. Nina childhood dream of modeling, which attended courses Slava Zaitsev in Moscow.

3rd place. Elle Macpherson. Height 185 cm, length 123 feet, 5 cm
At 22, was recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and later earned the nickname "Miss body." Outstanding, the model is not only the length, but also the size legs- 42, 5.

2nd place. Sam Stacey. Height 180 cm, length of the legs 127, 6 cm
Englishwoman by birth, Sam Stacey in 2001 became the leggy woman in the world.

1st place. Svetlana Pankratova. Height 196 cm, length 132 feet, 2 inches - the longest legs in the world
Svetlana professionally involved in basketball, first in Russia, then in America. He now lives in Spain and works in real estate agencies. In 2008 Pankratov hit the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest legs. Starred with the smallest man in the world - Chinese Hee Pindzhinom, rising only 74 cm.


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