Walk of Fame

The passion for all kinds of beautiful trinkets sitting in people from childhood. Well, the child - the holy. The game, imagines something. It touches on all kinds of tinsel. All clear. Well, if an adult behaves in a similar way? Not enough of a child? Confirmation of self-importance? Probably. From the side, of course, ridiculous, but as the immediate environment? There after, it seems, those quirks that my mother - do not worry. I remember memorable Leonid Brezhnev polyublyaet very similar regalia and awarded himself a favorite, very profusely. When the institute studied, for fun estimated total weight of its awards - alive, so to speak, not Service Ribbon. It turned sixteen kilograms with a tail.
These soldiers, perhaps even Pobol will. Tellingly, a real military merits of this "body armor" attitude usually has nothing to do.
Interestingly, while in the underwear they are part of the iconostasis?


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