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To date, China's serious problem of environmental pollution, in particular air. Local residents filed complaints to various government bodies, rally and protest, in General, doing everything in their power to somehow preserve the environment for future generations.

One of the research environment, which was held in China this year, his result shows that if we do not take any measures to reduce norms of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, it will increase the number of contaminated areas of the country by 70% in the next decade.

The answer to this massive concern of the population decided to find a branch of Frog Design, Shanghai. He proposed to create a special mask for breathing, which is able to obtain information about the air and transfer it to your smartphone. To do this, everyone needs to purchase this mask and install the appropriate app on your smartphone. Such a clever device according to the developers is able to save Chinese people from heavy smog.

This mask has the working title of AirWave. It includes sensors that allow users to view real-time data about the air they breathe using their smartphones. The user can obtain information not only about the air that he's breathing right now, and and view General data on air quality for other users in different areas and nearby towns.

According to the plan of the company, issues such as battery life, Bluetooth connection to smartphone developed quite secure and efficient by conducting several tests. The design of the filter is designed to fit snugly against the nose and mouth, that man might breathe only purified air without any contaminants. But despite all the visible benefits of this mask design will continue to make the most effective and reliable, because in China every year the environmental situation is getting worse.

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