5 myths about laser hair removal

Myth 1. Laser hair removal can bring harm, the laser is bad on the internal organs.The depth of penetration of the laser beam when epilating is 1-4 mm it reaches only to the hair follicles, and then is completely dissipated and never penetrates deeper than the skin! When exposed to laser only destroys hair follicles. The laser beam slides along the surface of the skin without damaging it. The only thing that can occur after the procedure – redness, similar to what occurs in humans, who had been in the sun. This redness is partly a measure of correctly performed the procedure. After a few hours this redness disappears without a trace.

Myth 2. Laser hair removal is painful.It is impossible to say definitely. Looking to compare and what are the criteria for the assessment of pain to use. All depends on the individual pain threshold. The sensation of laser hair removal will likely be called unpleasant, they are comparable to the click on the skin and is usually tolerated well. However, for particularly sensitive places on the body (bikini, armpits) in some cases, a numbing cream on it. Clearly, maskirovka and mechanical hair removal is many times more painful!

Myth 3.After the procedure, removal of hair grow even more rigid, their number increases.On the contrary, germinated hairs become softer, their number is greatly reduced and by the third session there is a persistent long-lasting effect. Sometimes, after 2 treatments there is an increased growth of so-called "synchronization". It is considered a manifestation of stimulating action of the laser and testifies to the efficiency of epilation. After this "mass" sprouting removes much more hair than usual.

Myth 4.Laser hair removal operates "not at all". The laser operates on melanin in hair bulb selectively! No melanin – no effect. The lighter and finer the hair, the harder it is to remove. Another question, if there is no adequate effect when you remove black hair – you should think about the presence of hormonal disorders. The growth of hard black hair on the face is the result. The reason lies inside the body. The cause of hormonal failure must be identified and treated. Then the effect of hair removal.

Myth 5. Through laser hair removal can be sexually transmitted diseases.Any self-respecting salon treats heads for laser hair removal as well as all other devices. You still afraid of "catching" something? Then just buy your own laser epilator. Fortunately, there are now portable and inexpensive devices designed specifically for home use. Using a personal shaver You'll be 100% confident in their safety!

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