The world's lightest solid material

Simply brilliant discovery was made by Chinese scientists. They revealed to the world the lightest material on earth. Its mass is so small that he easily held on flower petals. Part of the amazing material includes a graphene oxide and carbon liofilizirovanny.

Matter graphene has an interesting sponge-like texture, and weighing only 0.16 mg/cm3. Thanks to this structure, the aerogel material is the lightest solid materials in the world. Unique opening already predict a range of practical and incredible discoveries. Graphene in its native East, is a two-dimensional crystal. In addition, it is the thinnest material on earth, made with hands. Just imagine that in order to achieve the height of the column is 1 mm, necessary to add one-to-one 3 million plates the miracle material. But this, at first glance, the fragile structure, it is not.

Graphene is still incredibly durable and strong. A sheet of such material, the thickness of one plastic bag, can easily withstand the weight of one elephant. But that's not all the merits of graphene. In addition to its amazing strength and might, he is also wonderfully flexible. Without any loss or damage to the structure, the material can be stretched by 20% of the total size. Moreover, recently scientists have been able to access another unique property of graphene. Using it to filter the water, holding the inside material of different harmful gases and liquids.


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