The world's lightest solid material (4 photos)

Chinese scientists have created the lightest material in the world. He kept even flower petals.

The material consists of graphene oxide and lyophilized ugleroda.Vesit developed spongy airgel material graphene some 0, 16 mg / cm3, making it the lightest material of solid materials in mire.Kak known, graphene has brought the Nobel Prize Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov .

On the basis of unique material will be made a lot more scientific otkrytiy.Bez impurities graphene is a two-dimensional crystal is the finest man-made material on the zemle.Neobhodimo 3 million sheets of graphene are stacked with each other to stack height reached 1 millimetra.Nesmotrya its lightness, graphene extremely durable.

One sheet of thick polyethylene bags is able to withstand the weight of an elephant. On the advantages of graphene does not end there. In addition to the strength and lightness, the material is quite flexible. It can be stretched without any damage by 20% One from the last properties of graphene, the scientists identified - the ability to filter the water, holding a variety of liquids and gases.



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