Why is it important to clean the tongue?

Studies have shown that the bacteria that contribute to plaque formation, multiply on the tongue. Essentially, language is a kind of Petri dish for the breeding of various bacteria located in the mouth.

Insufficient cleaning of the tongue leads to the development of bacteria, which in turn can affect the occurrence of unpleasant mouth odor (halitosis), diseases such as glossitis, stomatitis, caries, etc. So you need to remember about the hygiene of your entire mouth – teeth, gums and tongue.

Regular cleaning of the tongue reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth 10 times; reduces the formation of Tartar by 33%, the cleaning of not only teeth but also the tongue reduced bad breath by 85%; when brushing your teeth — only 25%.

Health language should be given in the care of the oral cavity as much time as is paid to teeth brushing. These two important procedures should be performed daily. Food debris and plaque from the tongue removed after a preliminary brushing with a soft moistened toothbrush or a scraper. Smooth uniform movements removed plaque from the root to the outer parts of the region. Language can be cleaned without the use of toothpaste and its application. Breaks after a few movements of the brush is rinsed with water to wash away the accumulated slime on it.

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