The easiest way of producing energy in the home

What can go human imagination and fiction! In the Guatemalan town of San Andrés Itzapa organization Maya Pedal repairs and sells bicycles, but that repair did not work, just makes incredible arrangements with a pedal called "Bicimáquinas" (Spanish. "Bicycle machines").

Pump, blender, mill, grind, grinder, wagon — Maya Pedal produces almost complete list of the machines that are needed for life and agriculture. The invention on the foot actuator provide an opportunity to opt out of their electric or gasoline brothers, and in some places they are the only substitute for manual labor, as there is no electricity and fuel is very expensive.

In addition, these machines are environmentally friendly and beneficial to the health of their owners.In development there are many other interesting machinery — washing machine, electric generator, saw, sander and more. And the drawings and instruction for use of ready-made models can get everyone, and you too will be able to collect yourself a blender or grind to save money on electricity and visits to fitness clubs.

Dr. paying in 1998, Maya Pedal became very famous company, which attracts a lot of volunteers and enthusiasts from around the world who want to participate in making miracles.

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