The family with the long hair

43-year-old Merelin Russell, which is still 4 years of not cutting their hair, can rightly be called the Rapunzel of our time. Its length is almost two meters. Too far behind and 3 daughters…

Terilyn Russell lives near Chicago with her husband and 3 daughters. The peculiarity of this family is that everyone except her husband, very dlinnovolosye.

To braid each other's mother taught the girls in childhood. She set and a couple of the most important rules that relate to hair and behavior in the house. In the kitchen it is forbidden to enter with her hair.

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There are certain rules of hygiene. Russell, for example, uses a lot of shampoo, and then a smaller amount of conditioner, which prevents the tangling of the hair. Then the woman presses her hair and dries them for an hour.

"The money that I saved, when refused a haircut, we spend on clips and hair conditioner," Russell told reporters.

For many years Russell and her daughter to sacrifice part of their hair. Not so long ago they donated the hair to "Locks of love" — a small organization that manufactures hairpieces for disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under the age of 21 to have lost their hair as a result of serious illness. But this haircut girls do not cut more than 50 inches of hair.

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"The shortest hair I had when I went to kindergarten and my hair was to my waist. For me short hair this ones ending slightly above the waist," says Terilyn.

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