Modern Rapunzel and her daughter 02.27.2013

43-year-old Russell Terelin that four years longer to cut their hair, can rightly be called a true Rapunzel. The length of her hair is almost two meters. Not far from it are gone and three daughters ...


Terelin Russell lives near Chicago with her husband and three daughters. The peculiarity of this family that - that all but her husband, there is a very, very dilnnovolosye.
The mother of the family stopped cutting hair when she was 4 years old. Now the length of her hair - more than 180 cm. This exceeds the length of its own body, that makes Terelin very real Rapunzel.
Not far from the mother and daughter went to have inherited from her that love long hair.

Teaches braid braid each other Russell taught girls from childhood. It has established several important rules regarding hair and behavior in the house. In the kitchen you can not go with her hair, and the area around the stove under a special prohibition.
There are also some mandatory rules of hygiene. Russell, for example, uses a tremendous amount of shampoo, and then a great amount of conditioner that prevents hair entanglement. Then the woman pushes her hair and dries them for an hour.


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