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"Tangled" - is the 50th full-length animated film studio Walt Disney Pictures.

Both director - and Byron Howard, Nathan Greno and - dreamed of becoming animators from since visited the animation studio Disney's theme park Disney World. Before you get the job done in the studio, Howard worked as a guide and spend hours watching the street through the glass of the difficulty of animators.

Today, Byron Howard and Nathan Greno - Rising Stars animation, outstanding representatives of the new generation of filmmakers. Howard - director of animation adventure comedy "Bolt", released by Walt Disney Animation in 2008, grossed more than 300 million. Dollars. "Bolt" was nominated for two "Golden Globe" (for best animated film and best song) and "Oscar" (for best animated film). Greno in the studio for 14 years; he participated in the work on the painting "Mulan," "Brother Bear," and "Meet the Robinsons." The animated film "Bolt", he was the head of the screenplay group.

The daughter of a senior animator Glen Keane, artist Claire Keane, thoughtful and painted murals on the walls of Rapunzel's tower. Developing character Rapunzel, Glen gave her some traits of his daughter, including a stubborn temper and a tendency to paint the walls.

Rapunzel's long golden hair - 70 feet (over 21 meters), in which more than 100 000 individual curls.

To submit an on-screen movement of hair, a special program has been developed Dynamic Wires. Previously, no one in the animation was not possible to draw a number of hair and no heroine in film history was not wearing on his head a luxury hairstyle.

The average length of the hair on your head - 30 cm. If you add up these hairs one by one, they would stretch for 26 miles (41, 6 km). And if you add one to one all the hair from the head of Rapunzel, they are spread over 1820 miles (2912 km).

While working on the film ten women from the creative team began to grow hair. Later, they cut your hair and the hair is passed into an organization manufactures wigs for men, bald as a result of disease.

Computer engineer Kelly Ward (one of the three experts who worked on the creation of a program to simulate the motion of hair Rapunzel and the other characters in the film), a doctorate in computer animation of hair and was closely involved with this issue for the past 10 years. It is considered one of the top experts in the field.

An exciting climactic scene of the movie takes place in the background horizon filled with glowing lights. Each lamp is lit separate draw fire, consisting of 10 000 small light beams. In one frame fit 46,000 lanterns, therefore - 460 million light beams!

The model for the waterfall and rapid stream not far from the tower served as rivers and waterfalls in Yosemite National Park in California. Senior special effects went there for two days and photographed more than 150 video clips of nature. On them, and rested the artists, choosing the best locations and angles. To draw a waterfall, you want to draw more than 10 million individual droplets.

The inspiration for the scene in which the flow of the river breaks through the wooden dam, served as an attraction "rapids Grizzlies» (Grizzly River Run) at the California theme park Disneyland. In the final scene on the screen dam spills 23 million gallons of virtual water drawn.

Dense fog enveloping Rapunzel and Mother Gothel, reflects the intention of Gothel Rapunzel cloud the mind.

More than 2000 races in the game «Mario Kart» was played the filmmakers not to go crazy with hard work.

In the movie "Tangled" has five main characters, 21 and 38 citizens Robber. For the climactic scene with lanterns in front of special effects artists were given the task to collect on the screen 3000 residents. This is the biggest crowd scene in the history of computer animation Disney.


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