The “day of silence” was declared in Venice

Last Sunday residents of Venice enjoyed the peace, as city authorities imposed a five-hour taboo on the use of motor boats and boats that move along the main water artery of the city's Renaissance. The authorities took this decision with the aim to raise awareness of citizens about environmental pollution and noise damage, which is applied to architectural structures waves produced by motor boats.

Sunday, 10:00 am to 3:00 p.m., the movement of Motorboats on the Grand canal in the famous lagoon is almost frozen. Authorities allowed to use only public transport and river vessels which operate on electric or hybrid propulsion. Moreover, the city offered free gondola rides to those who wanted to cross the canal during the ban.

Venice is the main tourist attraction of Italy, which every year attracts close to 20 million visitors from around the world. The city, founded on wooden piles which are driven into swampy land, over the centuries constantly immersed in water.

And after the increase in water level in the canal, which was caused by global climate warming and also under the action of waves facades of old buildings of the Renaissance are destroyed faster, despite the fact that the speed of Motorboats is strictly reglamentary legislation.

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