Became known, when the Internet is in every home on Earth

The head of the Board of Directors of the American company Gооgle Eric Schmidt believes that by the end of this decade, everyone will have access to the Internet.

"Today, each network-connected man have two that do not have access to it. By the end of the decade they will all be connected," says Schmidt on his page on the social network Gоogle+.


Remember, not so long ago Goоgle launched the service Inаctive Accоunt Manager, which will give the opportunity to decide in advance what will happen to user's accounts after his death.

We are talking about the physical care of human life or the virtual end of the path on the Internet.

Most interesting is that information users will be able to leave the "inherited". It will simply be sent to the relatives and friends of the user after death. You just need to leave the email address.

Not to "bury the living" will be Gоogle before removing to send the user an email or SMS, to check whether this person is alive.

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