Why not sleep facing a mirror?

Followers of Feng Shui approved the presence of mirrors in the interior space. They argue that due to the mirrors in the room moved, repeatedly reflected, the positive energy, if it is, of course, initially present in the room. Because of this, experts advise in front of a mirror to put bright, beautiful and positive things. The mirror that every day is a person must preferably with all the growth, not cutting off any limb of the person. The masters of Feng Shui is also not recommended to sleep in front of the mirror.

As in ancient times and today, many people believe that sleep is a mysterious and magical time. Some believe that during sleep the person lives a different life. More precisely, even not a person but his soul. The sleep is subtle, intangible entity. At the time of sleep the soul leaves him sleeping and goes to wander.

And if the exit is in front of her mirror, she can go into the world of reflections and in the worst case lost there. But even if the soul will be able to find out through the mirror, her night journey in any case will not bring anything good: in the morning You will be sleepy, irritable, overwhelmed.

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