Is there a fitness after 45?

You have held in your career and personal life. Husband's soul in you not chaet, and the boss blows away dust from your payroll. Children are adults, they have their own life. You have the time to dedicate to yourself. Even if You've never played sports. Yes, return the figure form a youth will not be easy. Sweating in the gym you need to be long and intense.

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• A healthy way of life. After 45 women have increased propensity to sudden weight gain. Cause is hormonal balance of the female body. With the extra weight come extra problems, especially cardiovascular. And sports will be the best prevention of both.

• No depression. During sports activities our body produces endorphins, the so-called hormones of joy.

• No aging. Unfortunately, to stop Biologicheskie watch sports you can't help but slow down their progress in fitness is quite capable. Age-related changes in the body can lead to a decrease in muscle mass and sedentary lifestyle, it is unlikely to keep on the level. Regular load will slow down the development of diseases of old age.

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• Play catch-up. Unfortunately, many fitness clubs special classes for those over 45 and more. You may have to adapt to other, more physically fit people.

• Not all types of training you can be available. Some will have to drop the contraindications, some to use with caution. When Jogging the joints undergo a lot of stress, it could lead to sprains and injuries.

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