New RC quadcopter moves across the land and through the air

Quadcopters are becoming increasingly popular not only among the military structures, but fans of RC models. Especially for those who are looking for a universal radio-controlled toy, the British designer Vitold, the Mill created a prototype quadcopter and SUV all rolled into one, which received a simple name — "In".
Four-wheel rear-wheel drive hybrid polycarbonate case. Wheel diameter 2.2 cm allows you to move on a difficult road at high speed. Insurmountable obstacles quadrocopter flies through the air due to the rotating propeller (when driving on the road, they perform the function of the wheels).

Durable design and flexible wheels the device can withstand landing from a great height. If the fall is a wheel flew off, it alone can be inserted in place.
"B" receives power from a lithium polymer battery at 11 volts, a single charge which is enough for a 15 minute drive and the flight. Camera which is integrated into the housing, capable of capturing 720p video. The footage is saved to a memory card SD its opponent.
Today "B" exists in the form of a working prototype. In the near future, the Mill wants to add to the list of characteristics a waterproof case that will allow the use of RC model on the water. He will also try to teach her to crawl on walls and release management application "B" from your smartphone.

The money to implement this project, the inventor collects on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The price of the finished model is 400 pounds (about 605 dollars). Quad "In" will go into serial production only if the date of completion of the financing of the project collect the necessary sum of money.

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