That will help make Your legs slim?

One of the most simple but effective exercises to reduce the amount of is: to lie on the floor, bend the lower leg at the knee and operatica opposite arm on the floor. Second hand to support the head. To raise the leg 80 degrees from the floor and do slow circles in both clockwise and anti Chasovoy hands. To do before the onset of fatigue. Then you need to go to the other side. You need to ensure that the load was not on the back and leg muscles.


With exercises 5-7 minutes a day, you'll just make your legs slimmer, but will clean the entire body. Of great importance, not just for legs but for the whole of the figures have classes at the gym. It is better to deal with the coach and the program.


For stroili we have to stick to a diet. Because of this, you will need to delete from your diet foods that contain fat and sugar, and to eat mostly plant foods, and foods containing large amounts of potassium, magnesium and vitamins. Thanks to this diet the metabolism and the healing of the body. Getting rid of cellulite and skin tightening on thighs promotes massage. In poslednee time very popular honey massage, it normalizes blood flow in the hips, smoothes the skin.


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