The Solarball water purifier: first aid for third world countries

Every 8th person on the planet suffers from a lack of clean drinking water. Jonathan Piot (Jоnathan Liоw) invented a remarkable device that can change modern statistics: it Sоlarball purifies up to 1000 gallons of water each year just by being under the sun.
For us is taken for granted the fact that the tap is always running clean water. Often we complain that she's too chlorinated, but never think, twisting the valve that is in the world a people for whom the jet, which is saturated with chlorine, is more valuable than pure gold.


This device is easy to use, comfortable to handle and can work anywhere in the world. Due to natural evaporation in the sun, this device can produce close to three litres of clean drinking water.


To "run" the device in the right compartment Sоlarball just need to pour water from any, even dirty pond. And then the sun and natural processes will do the job. On top of the ball will cause condensation, which during the day thin streams will flow into a special tank.
A huge plus Sоlarball is the presence of a special antibacterial filters, allow without any restriction to use any water, even from a nearby pond. In the end, from "tap" of the solar sphere will still flow clear fluid.

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