How to remove excess salt from the body?

Drink plenty of liquids

A staunch opponent of salts is water. It is a wonderful method to get rid of excess salt, and a very popular method of treatment easy gipernatriemii – excess sodium in the blood. The salt slowly dissolves in drinking water and out of the body. Therefore, the amount of water that enters the body must be directly proportional to the amount of salt consumed.


This method is not less effective than the previous one, but there have literally good to work hard to achieve the desired result. Physical exercises make us sweating profusely, sweat the excess salt out of the body.

Reducing salt intake

To normalize the salt content in the body, you need to reduce its use. If you move this condiment, salt can remain in the body during the day. The minimum daily intake of salt is 1.5 g, It is necessary to reduce by half, yet the body does not get rid of its surplus.

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