The Japanese have created a robot that warns about the unpleasant mouth odor

Japanese engineers have made two robots that without worrying about feelings man, I tell him about how the smell and his mouth.
The first robot, Kaori-Chan is the head of the dummy, which is fixed on the pink box. You can breathe in the face of the robot to hear the "diagnosis". The response of the robot range from blatant "Ugh, you have terrible breath" to the awkward "this is an Emergency! This cannot be tolerated!"
The second robot, Shuntaro-kun has the appearance of a dog. His answers wrong, not so eloquent, but look interesting. The robot will cling to a man if he smells nice, if smell bad, the dog will bark, growl, and maybe even play dead.

Such capabilities of robots available with a special sensor that evaluates the smell on a 4-point system.
Currently the developers want to put robots in public places. "I would like to continue the line items which will create a friendly atmosphere", — says the author of the project station.

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