An invaluable benefit of goat's milk in children's menu

Our grandmothers always said that goat's milk is not a bit worse than cow milk, and in many ways even better. Modern researchers this national sign is confirmed. Goat milk proteins are much easier digested, since their cleavage need less enzymes.

The correct dose
Non-adapted dairy products, you can't give babies younger than a year. A mixture based on goat milk that the baby may appoint doctor to solve some problems in this category are not included. After a year and to school in time the child can not give more than 250 ml, and the daily rate should not be more than 450-500 ml.

Accounting and control
Safer just to buy pasteurized or sterilized milk at the store. If you live out of town and want to give the baby milk from the goat of a neighbor, need to be firmly sure that the animal is healthy. Better if your guess will confirm an appropriate certificate from a veterinarian, although goats have the immunity to diseases is much higher than many other Pets.

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