Shoes printed on a 3D printer, never RUB the foot

Shoes it is no longer done on personal patterns, there are industrial sizes, which the consumer must use. But, we must not forget that we live in the future, and this means that your customised shoes can be simply printed.

The company Repag Studios offers to make shoes and other shoes just at the store. In order to he prepared individual shoes, the customer will need to wear the usual shoes with pressure sensors and accelerometers and to hold them in about a day. They will provide accurate data about the foot of the buyer.

Next, the client will need to include the shoes in the store, where daily data will be put into the computer that will develop a model of footwear specifically for the customer. After that, the buyer can specify the color of the Shoe and the external shape and the 3D printer will raspechatat perfect shoes or boots.

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