A list of animals that are almost gone

The international Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) and other conservation organizations in the world issued a joint report, "Priceless or worthless?" (eng. Pricеless or Wоrthless?) about a hundred of those most in need of protection the types of animals, plants and fungi. As they say biologists, these species will disappear from the face of the Earth by 2020, if not to take appropriate measures to restore their population. In the creation of the document was attended by about 8 000 volunteers. Full version of presentation available at the link, but we will try to cover at least part of it. Need to clarify that there is not the types of who had taken under active protection (for example, the Chinese tigers or the Florida Cougar).
Rusty monkey. Population: less than 1 000 individuals.


Spotted harlequin. Number: 360-540 individuals.


Indian bustard. Number: 50-250 individuals.

Madagascar keyworda turtle. Number: 440-770 individuals.

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