Created a machine that turns sweat into drinking water

This strange machine introduced in the Swedish city of Gothenburg during the opening of the football tournament of the world youth Cup, Gothia. Participants and guests were invited to donate their sweat-drenched clothes, or risk drinking a glass of water received from the distilled sweat. An average of one t-shirt is extracted with 10 ml of drinking water.
The car was surprisingly very popular — most famous footballers refused to try "the feast". If You are disgusted with the very idea of drinking water that was then, we should not forget that more than 79 million people around the world have not been given adequate amount of drinking water, of which about 125 million are children.

As soobshil UNICEF representative in Sweden, Per Westberg:
"We want to raise this issue so that's a weird, funny way. Our "Photomachine" to remind everyone that each person needs water. We all drink and sweat regardless of skin color and language spoken, so the access to drinking water is a common problem".
"Photomachine" is unlikely to go into mass production: around the world now use more effective methods of drinking water, for instance, special tablets for water purification — 5 thousand such tablets cost 32$.

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