An electronic insect running iPhone

Already huge number of different devices you can control with your phone. Smartphone nowadays turned into the remote control world.
Evolution has forced people to have a negative attitude to insects. We are on a subconscious level feel in them a potential threat. But there are people who with great pleasure to interact closely with a variety of spiders and beetles. Someone played with them and someone uses them for food. It can be the owners of electronic beetle running iPhone.

This electronic insect, the name of which is iPhone Controlled Bug, created a company iHelicopters, she became famous throughout the world for its production of toy helicopters under the control of mobile devices from Apple.
If You buy this robot bug and downloaded from the App Store on iPad or iPhone the software needed to control the electronic beetle, You will receive an original toy that will drive crazy is not a girl (because women are traditionally afraid of even the smallest and harmless bugs and spiders).

Developers of iPhone Controlled Bug in its design a completely repeated the mechanics of the movement of these beetles. So this toy moves and looks very believable.

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