WWDC 2014. First impressions eyewitness

From San Francisco, that in sunny California, with the first results of WWDC 2014 - Arthur Sakharov, CTO Redmadrobot.

O WWDC h5> A lot of people spent the night before the Keynote at Moscone Center on mattresses to go to the gym first. In the queue at the entrance, I saw the guy who was so nervous in anticipation of the show, he had as many hands were shaking - he cupcake in his mouth did not get. Those who come at WWDC for the tenth time, they say that invariably are engaged each year. All developers communicate with each other, it is a real community. And then this drive - it motivates to develop.

Keynote hall was packed - 6,000 developers from around the world applauded again. The presentation was full of incredibly cool from a technical point of view - about some of the technical solutions do not understand how they were made. Yes, everything is calculated, all devices are connected to some internal systems to work notice and so on. But it's very cool.

Cook after the presentation ran backstage, all 6000 developers wanted to catch him ...

About product h5> - I can tell you this - this conference lived up to its name. It was a show for developers and Apple prepared all their decisions for them. No new hardware, so it all - but from the existing Apple devices squeezed darkness functions. The same TouchID i> - zayuzat it again and made available to applications. This is a huge leap.
The first day ended, the developers now say: «They write on Twitter that developers are disappointed. Bullshit, developers are super excited, gadget freaks are the only ones who are disappointed! ».

- Earlier in the debate always remembered that iOS sucks because it does not have of Custom keyboard i> , and Android have their great variety. Okay, came elegant solution - Apple has introduced an external API for such keyboards, and they all work in the inner sandbox - no private data network not flow away at all. It has been exactly Swype will.
The Company generally zaimpruvila all existing glands just what they can do under the new software. That is part of the functional finally gave into the hands of developers, rather than developing its own.

- The new policy Apple - all devices are integrated into a single system. From the stage to the Keynote sounded many times the word continuity i> - this is when you can use both Mac, tablet, phone, start the process on the same device, to finish on the other. It's cool - developers can do once the whole metropolitan area of ​​applications.
Google is moving in the same direction: controls Chrome on your computer and Android-based phone, but Google, does not seem to be a normal desktop integration (omit the Chrome OS). And Apple does all devices under one brand, and these devices are updated synchronously (with the problem than Google) and work together.
But up to this point had Mac OS X so strongly integrated with the mobile platform. And now the desktop smoothly flows into a mobile platform and vice versa, it all becomes a single ecosystem.
confirmed my vision , that smart watches and so on. Wearable device - it is not no new functionality, and just new features, features that are added to what is already there. Even more features that are shared between devices.
This is similar to that which will be moving progress in general - all combined into a single ecosystem. What was five or ten years ago of the perfect future? That will be a strong fast web, and will single portal in the cloud - the user from any device comes back and gets access to their virtual data. By this all goes. Web is not so strong, but the platform into each other fully penetrate.

- iOS 8 i> Apple is aware of its shortcomings and spoke about the new search, a new cataloging and so on. - The company is trying to stir up the App Store, the figures were announced: 1, 2 million appov and 75 billion downloads, and this year joined more users than in all previous years together combined, and these new users are in the App Store, to see what is there. Therefore, the big goal - to give access to interesting applications. And the main feature - the normal App Store. Let's see if it will work.

- Apple implements the first communication between applications i>
Widgets i>. Now you can get the applications and widgets to top of the whole system. It was a huge issue, for example, in the banking sector - how do we make notification? Here is a man wrote off the money, and we can send him an appropriate text message. That's all. Now you can take any information - account balance, some interactive, counters, jawbone - and all of this output. This will help the user to communicate with the application at all times. Plus what you can from the status bar replies - all goes to the fact that a person will get the phone out of his pocket less and less. If Apple will make the clock, then there is likely to be similar interface, the same notification widgets. This steeper analogue Google Now - there, in contrast to Google Now, you can display interactive.

HomeKit i> - integration with home automation platforms. Is a product of Smart Things - a platform which integrates a bunch of sensors and which has its application. She is very much that lets you do, but it has not yet broken the market.
There Nest - thermostat without all that completely (and beautiful) integrated with iOS, it has a cool application that made former top executives of Apple. The project was bought by Google for $ 3, $ 2 billion. Nest is popular, although functional there a hundred times less than in the Smart Things. That is quality integration with iOS solves a lot in the sale of devices.
Now there is a chance that the whole home automation will step forward, because the sensors already have, it's only for the integration, which will help to simplify management. Billions of devices and millions of potential buyers intelligent appliances.

CloudKit i> allows you to write an application with the backend on the side of Apple. This is similar to what Windows is doing in its Azure. For most applications, the backend is needed - now this is necessary to stop the small office that can issue only interface, but do not know how to pick up all the server. And then you zapilivaem application and backend to it automatically works. Impruvment from the viewpoint of development. This means that there will be more client-server applications. But of course, this decision does not cancel the work with complex projects - for example, when integrated with the banks.

And this is the App Design Awards h6> fun activities.
Especially liked all SkyGuide, Device9 and last crazy game about a girl.
By the way, the main prize App Design Awards (in addition to premium glowing cube) - one copy of everything that makes Apple (all sizes): MacPro, iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, monitors, etc.

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