Unusual pedestrian crossings that are pleasing to pedestrians and drivers

Advertising – the engine of progress. Moreover, the company got a taste that promote their advertising company anywhere: on television, radio, in magazines, hands frozen students in the subway, on huge billboards, distracting the attention of drivers. But this was not enough for them. Now advertising can be seen at pedestrian crossings.
It is a kind of a plaque on the pavement. Of course, in order to read a couple of names or find a particular name on this "Zebra", you need to stay for a long time, and it's not safe for life. So it's better the plaque will be explored and all pedestrians in one piece.

Road markings, which is drawn as a proofreader. Original. While in Russia, this bottle would have long since taken away, and the beauty of ideas the designer has covered with a copper basin.

Huge footprint on the road. Certainly, drivers and slow down themselves before this markup. You never know who is hiding behind the nearest house.

With a song of life and on the road. Stave as a pedestrian crossing will make passers-by if not sing, then at least to smile.

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