Smart "GPS-cookies" to record the time and date of all trips, the travel itinerary

The GPS Cookie records the time and date of all trips, the travel route; a velocity and direction of motion at each moment; time and date all completed stops; the height above sea level. using these data, for example, to adjust the route of your daily commute, to save time; to add accurate geotagging for photos; find out the exact speed of the car; to share routes with friends.
A project to raise funds to start the GPS Cookie ended the first of December, but for the first two weeks on Kickstarter it gathered more than 17 thousands of dollars (at first the plan was to collect 7.5 thousand). On the market a lot of GPS devices, but none of them has such wide range of features at such a low price and ease of use, — said Creator Richard Haberkern. In addition to the GPS Cookie, it also made GPS Sаndwich, which differs only in form.


Haberkern shared the story of creating: "I like to travel and I searched for a method to record the location wherever was. I needed something that could easily fit in a pocket, so I can carry it everywhere and record information on the fly."

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