How smart phones affect our behavior

What impact will the telephone on our lives? And unequivocal answer to the question of how positively or negatively affected by the advent of mobile phones and smartphones in our lives. In any case, they radically changed our lives. With him people feel more comfortable taking with me to bed and generally feel it as part of ourselves, and perceive ourselves as human-robot.

This topical issue dedicated the book "Sharing the solitude" the American psychologist sherry Turkle of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. In this book, the Professor reminisces about an important change in the consciousness of the modern user of cell phones, people have become more willing to write than to speak. For the past 15 years she has studied mobile technology and talked with many people about how the new devices have changed their lives. The device, which uses each of us can change not just our activities, but also of ourselves.

So, for example, we are accustomed to a new understanding of the phrase "to be together." With the development of the network, we can stay together, staying at a distance. Yes, for those who live far away from each other is the only way to save the relationship. But it often happens that virtual communication will replace to us a real friendly meeting with those who are in the immediate vicinity. We think think that we are in contact with people, but in reality it is more hidden from each other. Today, when people are left alone, even for a few minutes, they immediately are drawn to mobile or other communication device. It almost became a reflex.

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