Finnish oncologists showed how Smoking affects the human body

Finnish doctors along with cancer society of Finland, decided not to dwell on the frightening pictures on cigarette packs, and did a photo shoot and put her on a special website.
In the photo you can see the impact of tobacco use on human skin. On the skin of the smoker typically has spots as Smoking weakens the circulation. Moreover, on the face and body acne. The smoker's skin looks unhealthy because of the chemicals that are in cigarette smoke, make fiber skin not as elastic.

Another global problem that is typical for women who smoke, — the growth of facial hair. This happens due to the fact that Smoking increases levels of the male hormone testosterone.

According to statistics, Smoking girls aged 16 to 24 years are more likely to suffer from overweight. Men are more likely to become bald. In addition, the hair because of the chemicals contained in tobacco, lose color. Smokers have twice will melt the risk of thrombosis and worsens the quality of sexual life.

Creators of the photo shoot want their project to help make the right choice in favor of a healthy lifestyle.

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