Apple is developing smart watches along with Nike

Apple introduced photo iWаtch — smart watches. Designer Tom Bogner made an exclusive design of the watch, "crossed" features "Apple" interface, and the sport bracelet Nike+FuelBand.
Interestingly, the manual Apple recently signed a contract with a fitness expert Jay Blahnik, who Nike was responsible for the development of the Nike+FuеlBand.
Most people at the mention iWаtch imagine an ordinary watch with a touch screen. However, the design pattern of the new device from Apple looks pretty good.

The word "smart" watch from Amid — Amid Gаlaxy Gear — also looked nice. But in fact, most of the experts recognized a failure of the Korean company.
Nike+ FluelBand — this bracelet by Nike, which calculates the activity for the day and transfers them to special points. With the help of specially designed software, the user can train, and the points needed to perform certain tasks.

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