As usual the animals are the stars of the Internet

All Internet users literally fell in love with Harlow and Indiana – two very photogenic dogs. We offer You the story of their “popularity” in the most amusing and heartwarming photos.

Harlow is an incredibly photogenic dog, his breed is a "Weimar pointer". He loves to pose and show off in front of the camera!

For a long time his best friend was a Dachshund Sage, which also liked to take pictures.

Unfortunately, summer Sage died, because of what Harlow was very much upset – as it turned out, the dog firmly attached not only to people but also to their four-legged friends.

So, the owners got a new little friend Harlow is an incredibly cute puppy Dachshund, he was named Indiana.

These two inseparable dog already have a large number of followers in instagram and consistently pleasing to their own funny and touching photos.

We remind you that recently created a special camera allows you to see the world through the eyes of Pets.

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