As smart light save couch potatoes from depression?

Created a device that is able round the clock to regulate lighting throughout the apartment.
Goldee'll turn the lights out when you leave the house and turn on when you return.

The sleep timer enables the device to slowly lower the light until you fall asleep.
At the set time light will turn on, performing the alarm function. Moreover, Smart Security allows you to simulate your presence at home with the lighting of the light.

At Goldee has its own app for phones with which you can also manage your own lamps.
Goldee is, in fact, a smart switch. Within one room you can simply replace an old switch for a new one, so check everything in it lighting. However, bulbs they also need to change to those that support Wi-Fi. You can buy them separately from another manufacturer, for example Philips or Lifx. //

With the eco-friendly design of sockets and switches can be found here.

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