How to completely remove your personal information from the Internet?

As found by Joe Martin, most of the social networks and other popular web services throw effort not to give you to remove all data about yourself. For example, a link to delete profile in Facebook is very difficult to find, and even if you understand the difference between deactivation and deletion, the social network will persist some data.
Fortunately, there are special services that can significantly ease your life.

On the website Accountkiller is the direct link and instructions on how to delete accounts in all known services.
Google Tools
Google offers its own tools for managing online reputation. for example, you can try to delete unwanted content and then associated with the search results and the saved copies of pages.

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The company from Silicon Valley, which founded in 2006, manages online reputation by using exclusive patented technology. will help both companies and individual clients.
DeleteMe will delete everything about you from large database destroy any contact, personal and social information, your photos, your family and your home.

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